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Filming all kinds of events
and corporate movies


Montage for any
purpose in Final Cut

Motion Graphics

Animated graphics
made in After effect


Shooting stills
during my trips

Hi! Let me introduce myself

My name is Jeroen Stoop and I'm 30 years old living in Amsterdam. One of my passions is to shoot movies with my Canon 60D dslr camera. You can check out some of my work through my Vimeo account. (Updates coming soon!)
One area I specialize in is motion graphics and motion pictures. I like the technical aspect of my job and continue to learn new and innovate ways to capture motion pictures.

I studied Communication, Multimedia and Design. For some examples of my work during my HBO bachelor you can have a look at my Portfolio of 2003.

At the moment I work for a company called Veld6 as a cameraman, editor and motion graphic designer. We do a lot of event registrations and corporate movies for brands like Red Bull, Vodafone, Fashionscene tv Net5, Boomerang and Björn Borg.

The last few years have presented many opportunities and challenges where I have filmed, edited and did motion graphics fo various events: Q-dance, Sensation, Extrema, Amsterdam Dance Event, Concert at sea, Lowlands, Radio2 Vrienden Van Amstel, Lowlands, Serious Request (Het glazen huis), 3FM Met Michiel Serious Talent, The 3FM Awards, State Awards and the Dutch Fashion Awards. Furthermore I produced corporate movies for brands like Heineken, KPN and Buma Cultuur.

Please find here my CURRICULUM VITEA including more details of my work experience
Curriculum Vitea Jeroen Stoop.pdf

In my spare time I like to travel and shoot pictures. For an example please have a look at my pictures I took during my
Trip through South East Asia


Filming for all kind of events and corporate movies. I have experience with different kind of camera's and own a Canon 60D with shoulder rig, audio recording, different lenses etc. I'm familiar with these camera's:

  • DSLR Canon 7D and 60D.
  • Sony HVR-V1E HVR-Z1, HVR-Z5 and EX3.
  • Some Panasonic HDV cameras.


Photography has always been a big hobby for me. I'm not a professional photographer but I always get compliments on my pictures.

  • Trips through South East Asia, Japan, Cuba, Morocco and more
  • Events
  • People


Editing for all kind of purposes. I have over 7 years
experience with editing in Final Cut.

  • Event registrations
  • Corporate movies
  • Video Clips
  • Documentaries
  • Wedding ceremonies

Motion Graphics

Motion Graphics using After Effects. I provide all kinds of motion graphics for many different purposes.

  • Commercials build out of motion graphics
  • Dvd menu's
  • Title bars
  • Trailers and Bumpers

  • Rietveld Schröderpad 63, Amsterdam
  • +31 (0)626802805